Welcome to T3 Racing.


We are a UK-based motorcycle engineering firm specialising in road and race bike engine tuning and chassis development.


We are most often credited with creating and running the 'Triumph Triple Challenge' race series from '08-'14. This became one of the most successful one make racing championships to feature within the British Superbike calendar.


T3 Racing are Triumph UK’s Official Race Support Centre. We provide O/E and race parts at agreed discounted rates to all racers registered with the Triumph Race Program. As well as holding unprecedented stock levels of all types of parts needed for race, track day, or road bikes, we can also offer a range of aftermarket accessories developed and tested by the Triumph Triple Challenge riders. These range from crash protection, aftermarket exhausts systems, quickshifters, slipper clutches and countless others.


One of our long term partners is Nitron Racing Systems who have developed bespoke suspension with us for use in the Triumph Triple Challenge. With our stock series bikes running as fast as the pole position riders in British Superstock (600cc class),

you can be sure that we can give you and your bike the right products, the right setup, first time every time.


As well as race bikes, we work on road bikes of all types, shapes and sizes - making them go, turn and stop better than standard.


In 2012 we created the much celebrated T3 Thruxton Ace 904S, acclaimed by the motorcycling press around the world as one of the best Hinckley twin-based café racers ever made.


Keen to continue along those lines, in 2015 we joined forces with custom bike specialists Spirit of the Seventies. Together we are collaborating in the creation of a series of ultra exclusive, high performance 'custom specials', such as our new M2-11/M7-11 supersports and our soon-to-be-launched Gemini superbikes.


So, if you have a race or road bike in need of some extra performance, or you're interested in owning a T3 'Special', we'd love to hear from you.



Tony Scott

Managing Director, T3 Racing

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Spirit of the Seventies have earned a reputation as one of the UK's premier custom bike workshops. Formed in 2010 by friends Kev Taggart and Tim Rogers, Spirit have become known worldwide for innovative and evocative motorcycle designs with a hint of motorcycling's glory days of the 70s and early 80s.


Over the past 5 years we have created a vast array of timeless, individual custom bikes, including bespoke machines for Kawasaki UK, Nixon Watches and Barbour International.


In 2015, Spirit decided to join forces with our local neighbours T3 Racing to become a "supergroup" of innovative motorcycle design and quality engineering, collaborating on all future projects and products.


This is certainly an exciting development for both parties - together we can develop motorcycles that not only look fantastic and unique but are beautifully engineered and developed by the guys at the T3 workshop. Style and performance in perfect harmony.


Kev Taggart

Creative Director, Spirit of the Seventies






M2-11 / M7-11 (CURRENT)


Project Gemini - the vision was simple; take 2011-2016 Triumph 1050cc Speed Triple, and from it create something unique, special and very exciting.


This vision for Gemini came from Spirit of the Seventies designer Kev Taggart, with the purpose of creating two bikes, each with a unique, compelling style sharing a common platform. Enter T3 Racing - motorcycle engineers of repute, builders of the limited edition Ace Thruxton 904 and winners of 3 British Championships, creating the perfect combination of design and engineering.


Triumph's wonderful Speed Triple gets its soul from it's 1050cc triple engine - with good linear power and torque as standard. With our Gemini bodywork, handling and engine upgrade kits, you can turn your daily rider into something much more exciting. We've created all new, eye-catching carbon fibre bodywork and combined our own branded parts with some of the best available on the market to improve every aspect of the standard bike. Plus, with T3's race-winning experience of maximising engine performance without sacrificing reliability, the performance and style of your Speed Triple will be transformed!


You can purchase a brand new, fully built bike, or a Gemini Kit to build at home, or built for you at our Kent workshop - the choice is yours.


The Kits are due for launch in Mid-Summer 2016. For more images and information, please click here to access the full Gemini website:-


There are quite a few modified Triumph Thruxtons out there, but none respecting so well the moniker of true café racer as the T3 Racing Thruxton 904S. A proper retro-racer using track-inspired modern materials, design and technology.


Made by T3 in conjunction with the Ace Café and Stonebridge Motor Company, a production run of only 15 examples of this agile, light, very fast modified Triumph Thruxton were made available to order.


The engine is a revamped Thruxton EFI unit, enlarged to 904cc and now producing a 35% increase in power with vastly improved mid range performance, 80 bhp at the rear wheel at 8000 rpm and 60b ft of torque at 4500 rpm. A combination of high high lift camshafts and re-engineered throttle bodies produces an exciting ride whilst maintaining the reliability.


Suspension is race bred with upside down 43 mm forks (120 mm travel) fitted with 20 mm road and track cartridge units and T3 fork bottoms, T3 twin 6-pot calipers and 310mm floating discs. Rear suspension is via a pair of multi-adjustable shocks delivering 130 mm of travel.  A “plug and play” electronic dash features 4 different display modes and provides information about the motorcycle's engine Management system.  The 904S is also fitted with the quickshifter system to ensure fast, smooth acceleration through the gears.


All 15 Ace 904s are now sold. However Spirit-T3 will soon start development of an all-new "hot" Thruxton and Scrambler in the near future. Keep them peeled!

After running the Triumph Triple Challange series and our successes with customer race bikes as well as our own championship winning machines, we decided to put our accrued knowledge to good use. The M2-11 CORSE is our first 'Limited Edition' low-volume production motorcycle. We believe it is the ultimate lightweight Moto2-style motorcycle for the experienced race track enthusiast. One that would give riders the opportunity to experience the amazing performance benefits of a prototype chassis, coupled to a supersport-spec engine - incredible agility and exhilarating speed.


The bike will incorporate all of the adjustability of a prototype Grand Prix Moto2 chassis, developed collaboratively by T3 Racing and Mark Taylor, previously Chief Designer at FTR. With the entire bike weighing in at an incredibly low 145kg wet, it is sure to be devastatingly quick around any track, even with the stock 675 power plant  producing around 125bhp at the rear wheel. Our optional engine upgrades will take the power output to over 135bhp, without compromising reliability, bringing virtual Grand Prix levels of performance.


As well as the M2 track-only machines, we will also produce a very limited number of road legal versions; The M7-11 SPORT-R and M7-11 STREET-R. These bikes will feature all of the GP-tech engineering, adjustable chassis and top-drawer components of the Corse, full-power 135bhp engines, and are aimed at road and trackday riders who want the ultimate performance bike, with the ultimate exclusivity guaranteed!

For more images and information, please click here to access the full website:-



At T3 Racing we not only build amazing specials, we also tune and prepare a multitude of road and race bikes. Whether you're heading for the track or simply want the best from your road bike, we can help with your engine, braking, chassis and suspension requirements. Call us for a chat on 01732 886 479.

Q) Why would I tune a road bike?

A) There is a common misconception that performance tuning is all about racing bikes, not true. In our experience there is plenty to be gained through various methods to give your bike the optimum performance you didn’t know it had. A good example of that would be when you fit aftermarket silencers in order to improve the sound, looks and performance of your machine, but have you truly improved the performance?  In all too many instances the answer would be “not to its potential”.  Getting your bike checked on a rolling road will give you the knowledge to know if a significant improvement to your bike could be made.  A simple rolling road session could change your bikes performance beyond what you believed possible from a single process. Key benefits: Better fuel economy  •  Better throttle response  •  Smoother power delivery  •  Increased power.


Q) Is it possible to get my bike serviced while it’s there?

A) Simply… yes.  Here at T3 we operate all the servicing facilities needed to care for your bike. Work is carried out by engineers who have won three British Championship titles and know modern Triumph Motorcycle better than anyone.  Our engineers understand the attention to detail that a race bike requires and don’t switch off just because it’s a road bike.  Although please make sure your bike is clean before bringing it to us.


Q) How far can I go with engine tuning?

A) It depends on what purpose you have for the bike. If you are a road rider then you can add significant power by raising compression, it not expensive to do and will have no significant effect on reliability. 
It’s raising the rev limit that causes excess wear, not compression. If it’s a track-day or race bike then the sky is the limit, it all comes down to purpose and budget.


Q) What chassis and suspension tuning?

A) Suspension is the other key area we understand. Changes that include springs, fork oil weight and setting changes.  Alternatively you can go deeper with compression and rebound stack changes through to compete fork kits. An expert set-up will transform your bike's handling.



If you have come across our name before then it is likely you have seen or heard of the highly acclaimed Triumph Triple Challenge, a one make series - an official support class to the British Superbike Championship, managed by T3 Racing for some eight years. T3 won 3 titles and 1 second place in four seasons of racing.  We have also competed at the I.O.M TT Supersport race (top Triumph), and can boast that none of our bikes have failed to finish a race due to mechanical failure.  All this is down to our preperation, knowledge and attention to detail.

Triumph Triple Challenge Race Series (2008-2015)


T3 Racing are most often credited with creating and running the Triumph Triple Challenge (TTC). This became one of the most successful one make racing championships to feature within the British Superbike calendar.


As a result of the relationship with the manufacturer T3 Racing was appointed Triumph UK's official Performance  Parts Centre in early 2012, supplying all of Triumph's race and OE parts to the racing community in the UK and abroad.


Running a championship for 30+ riders a year teaches you a lot about what works and what doesn't. Enough to win us the Championship at our first attempt and two more subsequently.


M2-11 CEV Race Series (2017?)


When the Triumph Triple Challenge came to an end in 2015, we wanted to continue investing in young talent and the sport that we love so much, we also knew exactly what we wanted to do next.


And so was born the T3R, code named M2-11; a light-weight, Moto2-style motorcycle that would bring a fresh form of racing to UK shores. One that would create an affordable prototype racing series with cost control regulations. This would give young riders the opportunity to experience the complexities of a prototype chassis and teach them the art of setting-up and racing Moto2-style machines here in the UK, whilst creating a window for Moto2 team managers to view rising talent from the UK and Europe.


The bike will incorporate all of the adjustability of a prototype Grand Prix Moto2 chassis, developed in collaboration between T3 Racing and Mark Taylor of Métisse, previously Chief Designer at FTR, and weigh in at an incredibly low 145kg wet. The power plant will produce around 130bhp at the rear wheel using little more than a stock engine. This incredibly cost effective package results in very low maintenance and will be surprisingly inexpensive compared with current racing budgets.


The first prototype is built and is being tested, already breaking lap records, the Mk2 chassis is already designed and fabricated, and the race series negotiations are underway. We'll keep you posted on M2-11 website and on our Facebook page with more information and imagery as and when it happens.



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